One Tornado Enthusiast. One Not.

Toni and Janni are a lot most ways.

Along with Tornado Kit, they have several businesses together including The MindShift Agency, Happy Hour Investments and many more to come. They are cousins, best friends, business partners, mothers and hustling entrepreneurs. So you'd think, they must be on the same page on just about everything, right? Ya, no.

Janni loves tornadoes. Toni does not. 

Toni's upbringing was filled with regular survival preparedness drills, skill building, and training. "Be prepared for anything, at any time." was the mindset that was ingrained from a very early age. Whether it be at home or in the middle of the woods, she learned the importance of being prepared and it has stuck with her. 

Janni, on the other hand, was a storm chaser in another life, we are certain of it. In 1981, while living in Dickinson, Texas her neighborhood was struck by a tornado. The experience, the science and the destruction fascinated her. Severe damage was done to some of the homes, but her home just collected a lot of lumber that her dad used to build a pretty awesome playground. She currently lives in tornado alley and dreams of chasing storms.

On a business trip to Georgia in 2016, they were on the freeway headed to Atlanta when a storm rolled in. In what seemed like the middle of nowhere, our cells phone started buzzing. A tornado had touched down close by. "Take Shelter Immediately.", our phones read. Janni was thrilled. Toni, not so much. Janni wanted to stay on the freeway. Toni wanted to get off and, hello, "Take Shelter Immediately." Fortunately, they took the next available exit and luckily had the options of sheltering at Home Depot or Target. "We chose Target because, well, there are fewer things that could fly around and kill us. Not to mention food, bedding, clothing, etc. if we needed it.", says Toni. It was a wise decision too. If they had stayed on the freeway, they would have been right in the path of that tornado.  

 Janni's Facebook post. She was thrilled. 

Whether you love tornadoes like Janni or don't like them like Toni, everyone should be prepared. We have a lot of great products we've hand selected to keep you and your family well prepared in the event of a tornado. If you're at home, in your car, at work or at school, there is a kit for that. 

If you have any questions, please let us know! Simply Contact Us, we'd love to help you however we can. We're committed to happy, safe and satisfied survivalist.  

All the best!

Toni & Janni