5 Reasons Why You (And Your Mom) Need A Tornado Kit

You (yes, you!) need a tornado kit!

And so does your mom, brother, sister, and best friend.

“But I don’t live in Tornado Alley,” you’re possibly thinking. “So why would I need a tornado kit?”

Great question! Here are 5 reasons why you need a tornado kit, no matter where you live:

1. Tornadoes are everywhere.

I bet you didn’t know that everywhere in the world could experience tornadoes. Even places outside of Tornado Alley can see these spinning twisters.

In fact, every state in the USA has had a tornado! (And every single continent in the world has seen one too, except for Antarctica...Antarctica is always the exception in fun facts!)

Tornado Alley stretches from West Texas all the way to North Dakota, touching 6 states. This region sees over 200 tornadoes per year, typically during the late Spring and early Fall.

Dixie Alley spreads from Florida and covers most of the eastern half of the United States, apart from New England. This Gulf Coast region often sees tornadoes during late Fall (October-December).

**Helpful map images here of Tornado and Dixie Alley: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/climate-information/extreme-events/us-tornado-climatology/tornado-alley

Therefore, no matter where you live, you are susceptible to tornadoes. After all, there are an average of 1200 tornadoes each year just in the United States. So having a tornado kit is probably a not a bad idea!

2. A tornado kit is an emergency kit.

If your hometown is unfortunately struck, devastated or destroyed by a tornado, it’s an emergency. But a blizzard, ice storm, loss of power or, God forbid, a terrorist attack are also crises.

Buying a tornado kit, like our basic or deluxe options, is tailored to tornado-related details, such as including a tent in the event that your home is demolished, but a tornado kit also functions as a general emergency kit. Extra food, basic medical supplies, water bottles and a backup generator would be helpful during any type of emergency.

3. Emergencies don’t always come with advanced warning.

The average lead time to predict a tornado is 13 minutes. If you only had 13 minutes to prepare for a life-threatening, home-destroying tornado, would you be able to successfully stock your shelter with the necessary items?

But that’s assuming that you always have 13 minutes. Maybe you were talking on the phone, or sitting on the toilet, or browsing social media before you noticed the weather. What if you only had a moment’s notice to reach a safe place?

We can’t assume that fair warning will be given, or that we will immediately pay attention to the warnings available. (To be fair, there is a 70% chance that the tornado warning is a false-alarm. That’s probably why both you and me have disregarded it before...but that doesn’t change the fact that we should be prepared!)

4. It’s always better to be prepared.

Tornadoes can destroy everything in the path. Don’t take the chance that “everything will be fine.” It’s better to be prepared for the potential emergency rather than to be unprepared during the actual emergency.

Water treatment facilities could be damaged. (Have a water purifier.)

Your home could be structurally unsafe to occupy. (Pack a tent in your kit.)

Electricity may be off for days, or even weeks. (Include fire starters, emergency blankets and instant food.)

More bad weather could be on the horizon. (Don’t forget a weather radio, tarp, additional clothing and an extra pair of shoes.)

5. Do it for your loved ones.

Can you imagine the scenario where you are without food, water or shelter for a few days due to a tornado strike? It would be tough, but possible. If you were unharmed, you could survive until emergency assistance came, especially with the aid of a compassionate community.

But what if your infant didn’t have formula? What if your toddler didn’t have any clean diapers? What if your child was hungry? What if your spouse was injured? What if your elderly parent needed their medication? What if your pet needed clean drinking water?

It’s better to never plague your mind with the spiralizing “What if…?” questions, and instead be prepared.

Invest the time to create your family’s tornado kit. While you’re stocking your supplies, why not make one for your adult children, aging parent or new neighbor too?

Everyone needs a tornado kit!

Even your mom, brother, sister, and best friend.


Lookin' out for you,

Tornado Tessa